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KIND LED K3 L300 is the Perfect LED System for Small Grow Rooms

Just starting your grow room? Want to augment an existing grow room? Then you've found a great, full spectrum LED lighting system with the KIND LED K3 L300. The K3 L300 is easy to set up, easy to use and is ideal for the beginning indoor gardener or for those with limited room to grow. The K3 L300 has a footprint of 2' x 3' - perfect for the small grow room or grow tent!

Actual wattage for the KIND LED K3 L300 is 220W whereas the equivalent HID light is 300W, meaning less money paid to your electric company and more money in your pocket as you get the best yield possible! And since there's low heat output, you will worry less about additional heat ventilation for your grow room. If you want to take it up a notch without breaking the bank, take a look at the KIND LED K3 L450, which has a bigger footprint and is also great for the beginner indoor gardener or those with limited space requirements. Learn more about LED grow lights and other grow light options. MJ Richards Grow Supply can help you with your new or existing grow room and stay within your budget.

Digital Timers are Included When You Buy From MJ Richards Grow Supply!

MJ Richards Grow Supply is an authorized KIND LED dealer and knows the features of these products - we don't just cut-n-paste from the manufacturer's website.

When you buy a KIND LED K3 fixture, whether it's the L300, L450 or L600, we will also ship you ratchet light hangers AND a digital timer FOR FREE - a $30 value!

Warning about Built-In, Programmable Timers for KIND LED K3 Lights on eBay and Amazon

Please note that many sellers on eBay and Amazon claim their KIND LED K3 fixtures, including L300, L450, L600, and L600 Veg have built-in, programmable timers. THIS IS FALSE! Only the K5 series, XL750 and XL1000 have built-in, programmable timers. You will need to buy separate timers for L300, L450 and L600 if you buy from one of those dealers. Don't forget that MJ Richards Grow Supply ships you a digital timer with every KIND LED K3 purchase!

Free Shipping

All KIND LED fixtures ship to your door for free! Be sure to shop our large selection of items that SHIP FREE!