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You will need a reflector or hood for your HID lighting system.  The purpose of the reflector is to direct the light towards your plant.

Reflectors come in many shapes and sizes and some have features such as air or water cooling.  This is necessary since HID lights run hot.  Some reflectors have glass at the bottom or a tube surrounding the bulb to contain the heat.  Many also come with ducting ports so you can connect ventilation to further cool the HID lighting system.

The bulb attaches to the reflector, which connects to the ballast.

6'' Hinged Air-Cooled Reflector w/ flip open glass


6" Air cooled Reflector - Air-Cooled with a flange to attach your ducting directly to the reflector. Designed specifically for the horticulture industry. With powder coated German aluminum to ensure a long life. This high quality reflector can be...

Gro1 6" Air Cooled Tube Reflector


Light the Way with Gro1 6" Air Cooled Relector Completely assembled - "Wings" For added reflectivity - Pyrex glass tube - Air flow friendly - Compact - Economical - Lightweight - Durable - Works with MH and HPS - Works with 250w through 1000w - Lamp not...

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Gro1 8" Air Cooled Reflector


8" Air Cooled Reflector Lightweight - Hinged flip down glass - Durable - Works with MH and HPS - Works with 250w through 1000w - Measures 24"L x 20"W x 10"H - Sealed air-tight design - 8” Flange for duct connecting - Power coated steel - 4 corner...

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