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Timers & Controllers


During the summer months in North America, days are long and in the winter, the days are shorter. This is where Climate Controllers come into play. Controllers can be as simple as timers that turn the grow lights on and off at specified times or they can be complex meters that measure humidity, temperature, detects problems, sends alerts, you name it!

MJ Richards Grow Supply carries a full inventory, but for the beginner grower, let’s keep it simple! Our starter grow kits come with basic controllers (think timers) and can be upgraded to exactly fulfill your needs.

What do controllers control?

For plants to grow, the air must have sufficient carbon dioxide (CO2), and must be within the correct temperature and humidity ranges.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) for photosynthesis. It’s one of the most important things to a plant, even before nutrients.Your indoor garden should have fresh air vented in and also have fans circulating air to prevent dead zones of no CO2 forming around the leafs. Controllers automate the process based on set variables that can vary for day and night Our starter kits include fans to keep air circulating and keeps carbon dioxide moving and available to your plants, keeping them happy and healthy.


Different plants require different temperatures to grow, so before you grow a plant, you should always find out what temperature and what kind of weather it likes. Our Starter Kits includes thermometers to measure temperature and hygrometers to measure humidity.


Humidity is controlled preferentially through ventilation and temperature control – then through use of a humidifier or dehumidifier make up the difference. Plants grow better at different humidity levels depending on what stage they are at. Humidity, when excessive, leads to mold and pests. Protect your crop by always making sure your humidity levels are appropriate.

Blueprint Controllers Fan Speed Controller


Regulate Your Grow Room Ventilation with a Fan Speed ControllerKeep a fan blowing at the desired speed with the Blueprint Controllers® Fan Speed Controller, FSC-1. Simply plug a fan into the controller and select the desired speed using the adjustable...

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Blueprint Controllers Mechanical Timer


Confidently Veg or Flower with the Right Timer The 24-hour, 120-volt Blueprint Controllers® Mechanical Timer, BMT-2 is fully grounded and simple to use. Because the timer features two outlets, it can simultaneously accommodate a light system and a...

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