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Complete Grow Room Packages

Complete Grow Room Packages Take Out the Guess Work

A complete grow room package from MJ Richards Grow Supply makes it easy for the new or experienced indoor gardener to get set up and growing quickly.  We like to say "You're good to grow"!.  And you will be "Good to Grow" when you buy one of our complete grow rooms.

Our complete grow room packages take care of lighting, ventilation, controllers and grow tents so all you need is the desire to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs or whatever plants you love!

Whether you want to grow in soil, soilless or hydroponically, you will start out with the right environment with one of our complete grow room packages.


Complete Grow Room 10x10 (HPS)


Complete Grow Room 10' x 10' with HPS Grow Lights Do you have a large space for your indoor garden?  Get everything you need to get growing with our COMPLETE grow room package.  Measuring 10' x 10', we've thought of everything to provide you...

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Complete Grow Room 2x2 (LED)


Complete Grow Room for Small Spaces with LED Indoor Grow Light Even if you live in an apartment, dorm or don't have room for an outdoor garden, you will be good to grow in no time with this space saving, complete grow room package. Benefits Energy...

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