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Prepare Your Babies for Explosive Growth

Seeds provide their own stored food to germinate and bootstrap the growing process.  Vegetating plants need quality nutrients, light and CO2 for explosive growth, preparing them for flowering, budding and fruiting.

But what about the transition stage between germination and vegetative stages?  During this young and fragile stage, aggressive vegetative nutrient solutions (even diluted) simply will not do!  You run a high risk of either a nutrient toxicity or nutrient deficiency!

Benefits of Storm Cell

  • Focuses on the needs of the plant during the crucial transition between germination and vegetative stages
  • Properly nourishes seedlings and cuttings for a strong, fully functional transition to the vegetative growth stage
  • Avoids nutrient toxicity and deficiency for newly germinated plants
  • Specifically designed for seedling and rooted cuttings grown in soilless propagation media such as vermiculite/pearlite, rock wool plugs/cubes, coco coir and other inert mixes
  • 1-part nutrient concentrate is easy to use right after seed leaves emerge

Learn to Walk Before Running

Storm Cell is the perfect nutrient solution for pre-vegetative growth in your soilless medium.  Your young plant’s life begins when the seed leaves (called cotyledons) emerge, and the true leaves are not developed.  During this transition period, the plant no longer relies on food from its seed, but on water, temperature and proper nutrients to support stem elongation, photosynthesis and protein production.

Once the true leaves develop, you can then begin a regimen of quality vegetative nutrients such as Hurricane Hydroponics’ Tropical Storm 3-part system.

Most nutrient companies simply ignore this vital phase. Hurricane Hydroponics’ Storm Cell is carefully crafted to condition the plant to accept more aggressive nutrient solutions developed for the vegetative stage.

The End Goal is Massive Flowers, Buds and Fruits, Right?

The only way to drive your plant to its fullest potential is the right nutrients designed for every stage in their life.  You give the right nutrients for vegging and flowering, why not give them the right nutrients early in their life with Storm Cell?

Usage Directions

Hydroponic/Soilless mixes

  • Normal: Use 6 ML per gallon of water
  • Aggressive: Use 12 ML per gallon of water.