Complete Grow Room 2x2 (LED)

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Complete Grow Room for Small Spaces with LED Indoor Grow Light

Even if you live in an apartment, dorm or don't have room for an outdoor garden, you will be good to grow in no time with this space saving, complete grow room package.


  • Energy Efficient - Don't worry about high electric bills or massive amounts of heat from your grow room!
  • Odor Control - Concerned about odor? Don't want your whole room to smell like your garden or like soil? This complete grow room comes with the ventilation package to keep the air flowing and smelling fresh!
  • Automation and Control - Just like a modern day greenhouse, you can easily keep an eye on environmental conditions with our complete grow room for small spaces. Set your controllers according to your plant's needs and you're good to grow!
  • Convenient - Our grow tents are a cinch to put up and quickly take down.
  • GOOD TO GROW - Everything you need to start growing with soil, soilless or hydroponically.


  • LED Grow Light - Unlike other grow room packages that come with very hot High Intensity Discharge lights that use a lot of electricity, this indoor grow room package comes with an energy efficient, ultra low heat, LED grow light fixture by Unit Farm. The UFO-80 is a compact, durable LED indoor grow light that can operate in veg, bloom or full spectrum modes at the flick of a switch.
  • Grow Tent - Secret Jardin is one of the most well known manufacturers of quality, affordable grow tents.
  • Ventilation Kit - Our grow rooms come complete with full ventilation packages from DuraBreeze, a leader in high performance ventilation equipment. Don't let your plants suffer with poor ventilation from inferior manufacturers. Our ventilation kit includes a 4" DuraBreeze high output inline fan, Durabreeze carbon filter, and a Durabreeze duct kit including duct clamps.
  • Clip Fan - Keep the air moving around your plants with our convenient clip fan.
  • Controllers - Automatically turn the lights to your indoor garden on or off with a mechanical timer from Blueprint Controllers, a trusted name in indoor agriculture automation technology.
  • Temperature and Humidity Meters - MJ Richards Grow Supply's complete grow room also includes a dual thermometer and hygrometer with a large display. Temperature readings are taken at the head unit as well as at a probe, giving you a complete picture of the grow room's temperature.
  • Ratchet Light Hangers - Make your life easy with ratchet light hangers that allow you to quickly and easily lower and raise your LED grow light fixture.


Please note that this item will ship in several boxes that may arrive separately.