HID Grow Lights

Not only do HID lights provide a reliable, efficient, growing light, HID lights have many other practical uses, such as street lights, automotive xenon head lights and stadium lights.

The intense light produced by MH lights differs from HPS lights.  MH lights have a bright white light, whereas HPS lights have a bright, yellow-orange light.

HID Grow Lights for Indoor Growers

HID grow lights have been used by indoor growers for a very long time, because the properties of the light from HID lights are well suited for the various growth stages of plants.  HPS, MH or a combination of the two grow lights provide the right spectrum and intensity for a thriving indoor garden.

The bright white light produced by MH lights spikes in the blue end of the spectrum.  A long, intense duration of this light promotes the vegetative stage.  Similarly, the yellow-red-orange light produced by HPS lights promote the flowering stage.

HID Grow Lights In Your Grow Room

Setting up HID grow lights in your grow room isn’t as simple as screwing in an incandescent bulb into your favorite lamp fixture. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket surgery either!


HID bulbs come in a variety of wattages, that yield different brightness, measured in lumens. The brighter the bulb, the higher the lumen. For HID bulbs, the higher the wattage and the higher the lumen. You want to pick a bulb based on the size of your grow area. A general rule of thumb for picking the correct bulb wattage is 1000 watt for 5′ x 5′, 600 watt for 4′ x 4′ and 400 watt for 3.5′ x 3.5′.

When choosing bulbs, make sure the bulb is designed for the ballast you choose, either magnetic or digital.

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